A Ploughed Field

First off, let us get this clear, I know absolutely nothing about farming. I do however enjoy the sight of a field being turned over and appreciate how long this apparently simple task takes. The contrast in colours of the earth, the flock of birds chasing the tractor. You can see the history in such a job. Anyone who has ever been in a country pub has no doubt seen old pictures of gnarly farmers with huge horses pulling heavy ploughs.  There might have even been a plough above the fireplace. This is something man has done since farming was invented and within the renewed ploughed field lies a lesson. The field, it’s always been there, man has always worked it. When it is ploughed over it starts anew, fresh and ready to grow this year’s crops. Broken yes but prepared to become stronger.

 I liken this to the way the world is right now, broken by Covid-19 for sure, grieving for those we have lost or the ill, yes. But, a fresh respect for our health workers, posties and bin men, a new perspective on what essential work actually is. Some people have taken a mortgage holiday which may seem generous by financial institutions but remember the interest is still payable and even in a global crisis the bankers must be paid. Anyone tempted to offer 80% of their payments for car insurance or mortgage for these months? A new critical look at our governments response. A new look at what is actually valuable, is it stocks and shares, products or is it people? As the stock market crumbles we find that it is people that is our most valuable resource. A renewed sense of the importance of family, of friends, of loved ones. A fresh look at the importance of real human interaction, of the importance of conversation, of ideas.  A new respect for humanity. Live well and stay safe folks.

G.W. Harlan

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