Live Deliberately

Hello. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this wherever and whoever you are. Please allow me to explain why we’re here and what Last Wolf is.

Last Wolf on the face of it, will be an outdoor clothing company, though at the moment no one is keeping much in the way of ‘company’ due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Anything written about Last Wolf here in these pages are written by me. I have enlisted the help of several close friends who are far more knowledgeable than I ever will be on all things digital and for their help I am eternally grateful.

The name Last Wolf comes from my interest in the last remaining wolf that was killed in Scotland, reputedly in 1743. With the political turmoil around this time no one would have predicted that with the death of this wolf the country would change so dramatically and that it would never look the same. So quite simply, Last Wolf is a living breathing tribute to that wolf and a world that no longer exists.

Our business aim is to produce high quality ethically made clothing to outdoors enthusiasts worldwide through the use of strong design influences and principles. We will use cultural and historical references in our design work and are inspired by the stories and heritage of our own and of others. We will stand out on a market that is filled with the same clothing that hasn’t changed for decades. 

But this is our public face and this blog space is not the place for that. Our heart lies here. Ultimately, Last Wolf exists to inspire people to use the outdoors. There is no aim higher than to inspire human beings of all ages to challenge themselves, to enjoy life, to reach for something more and to be happy while doing it. Thoreau said it best, to live deliberately. We are in the process of building a global tribe, a world-wide culture, affecting human beings whilst loving and protecting our outdoor spaces.

Through our website we will begin by hosting a regular outdoors themed blog. There are a team of writers and artists from completely different countries and backgrounds signed up that have a different take on the words ‘outdoor use’. The contributions will therefore be quite varied. Contributions are open to anyone interested so please do get in touch if you would like to be a part of Last Wolf in anyway. I feel very strongly that the outdoors is for everyone and the family collecting conkers is just as relevant to our quest as the Everest summiteer.

Live deliberately.


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