I posted recently on Instagram about how I’ve not been keeping the blog end of the LW website as up to date as I would like or as regular as I had previously.

There are multiple reasons for this. Time is a huge one. I keep seeing these adverts on Facebook about bots writing blog posts for your business. This is a legitimate thing these days and the comments section are always awash with angry writers, shaming this company for de-humanising their work, and I agree. This all sounds a bit 1984 to me, which would be fine if I was talking about Van Halen.

Genuine blog posts can be hours and hours of work, if not more. How to Achieve a Six Pack in Just Four Weeks, or Top 47 Holiday Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of, probably aren’t. It goes without saying that neither I nor Last Wolf are interested in anything of that nature and it is the complete antithesis to our authentic guarantee.

Yes, we have our finger in a variety of pies so to speak, and our aim, I believe, should always be for as complete a human experience as possible. By this I mean several things. One is having as many interests as there is time for. Life is more like many boxes of chocolates, of infinite flavours that are all really really good. But the box is not sitting on a park bench waiting for Mr Gump, exploration is actually necessary, minds need to be opened and horizons must be furthered.

Which is actually another point, I’ve raised here before, the seeking out of new things. Trying something new, just saying aye and giving it a go can mostly be a rewarding experience. This is exploring the human existence in this world as it was meant to be, by not being that annoying negative prick that always says no.

The road atop Word Mountain is long, and endless. And like any road, it can be dreary at times. But it also full of wonder; new sights, sounds, smells. When was the last time I even listened to music that was truly new and different? Or watched a film from a genre I wouldn’t normally watch. Or read something different. Or got in a kayak?

Look how comfortable I am!

Try not being so comfortable and we’ll maybe be a bit more truly human.

And let me know how it goes.

Live Deliberately


Currently listening to Cryptospital, some great one man atmospheric black metal from Belarus.