How much desire is there in me to build a new or alternative lifestyle? One where I rely on ‘me’ more. That would mean in terms of sourcing and producing, making and creating. The learning curve surely would be steep due to necessity. Would I really want to put my family through all that upheaval? Would I really want to do that myself, give up all this, and what we’ve worked hard to give these two? Is it worth the risk, the sacrifice? And who would we be proving that point to?

I’d like to see if we could, say live in a caravan for a year while a house is being built. I think I’d quite like the challenge of limited living like that. It would force organisation and minimalism. Everything would need to go into storage. Then after that maybe we wouldn’t want to go back and a more off grid life would be preferable. Pipe dreams, or maybe not even dreams at all. The point is yes, I am comfortable, and so is my family, and that is what I want. I would like to live surrounded by trees but I don’t want us living in a freezing shed. That is what I’m not willing to risk. This place is too unforgiving for that.

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