I wandered lonely as…

Task: Complete the line from this famous poem.

I wandered lonely as…

…the only star visible in the night sky, the rest are covered in cloud. They’re still there, you just can’t see them. You’re not allowed. A cloud of face masks, social distancing and families not seeing each other. A cloud where no one is allowed to touch anyone else. The world’s loneliest party. Millions of people off work and no one to share it with.

Isn’t social media wonderful how we can all stay in touch easily? Just imagine what life for the past year would have been like without it; total shit, instead of just shit? If you are unlucky enough to be have been without family, kids or work during lockdown, I hope you have made the most of that time. Learnt something new, done something you always wanted but never had the time, working out, litter picking, new hobbies, skills…

No more sitting on the couch with unlimited boxsets eating your way through Armageddon. Or playing an endless apocalypse game that ironically when the real one came you were completely unprepared for, the zombie sticker knife proven to be useless.

I wandered lonely for an hour a day and…

…then sat for the other 23 staring into space,

a blank screen,

a blue screen,

a movie made on a green screen.

Someone else’s opinions, someone else’s thoughts. Had I not the courage to know my own?

How do I enter this space? Someone else already did that/thought that/did it better than I could.

No, they didn’t, because they didn’t do it like you.

Time is all we once had,

Stay safe.

G.W. Harlan

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