My Scotland in Five Photos

I thought these photos sent in this week by R.K. Hughes deserved their own dedicated post. The description written by him follows the image. Enjoy. Follow our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and kids favourite Tik-Tok for more.


This photo of Pittenweem in the late 1800s means a lot to me, not just because it hangs on our staircase, but it is a constant reminder of the dangers of the fishing industry in the days of sail. It reminds me of the loss of the ‘Sisters KY 221’, in 1887 about 70 miles east of North Shields when my great great grandfather was the eldest of the crew. Six of the crew are buried in Pittenweem kirkyard and one was not recovered.


This photo is of my grandfather who is in the foreground baiting lines with mussels. It was taken pre- 1932 as the young lad on the right, John, my grandfather’s brother was drowned at the bathing pool that year in a tragic accident aged 19. My great granny is also in the photo with her back to the camera. My mother and two of her siblings were born in that house.

R. Melville

Taken by my school friend Robert Melville on a snowy day from a point about 300 yards from the house I was born in, it shows the West Shore along with my birth house on the left, and that of my mother on the right. The old gasworks by the shore is long gone.

R.K. Hughes

A photo taken by myself on February 2015 with a fresh westerly breeze and a big tide. The three windows to the left are where my mother was born and lived until 1937, before moving to University Avenue.

Gerry Durkin

The statue of the Pittenweem Fishermans Memorial by sculptor Alan Herriot. Photo by Gerry Durkin whose grandfather was the Station Master at Pittenweem before my time. Nice guy, met him pre-covid in the Larachmhor.


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