I’ve always believed in magic. Not cutting ladies in half or rabbits out of hats; but that anything is possible, how every day moments can feel magical. My dad used to say how he loved my view of world and often advised me to stay in that world for as long as I could. But we all get older, (although not always wiser). Stuff happens, we grown up and face realities. We play less, read less fantastical stories and encounter hard times, all of which changes our view on magic. Life is busy. 

Then I met my soul mate and suddenly I started to see the magic in things again. Sharing stories from our childhoods, visiting places from our pasts, going on adventures and taking a slower pace to just enjoy each other and whatever we were doing, wherever we were. I thought all of the magic had returned.

Then I had children. They brought magic in abundance. They brought it in the obvious ways, just being them. But the most notable magic they brought, is by looking at things through their eyes. How a walk to the local corner shop can be a big adventure. How they stop and smell flowers, feel trees and ask why that stone lives on that part of the pavement and ask me how it got there. They see wonder and magic in everything and it’s contagious. I’ve found that my pace has slowed, my eyes have opened and I wonder, touch and smell everything I can with them. It does mean I don’t just ‘nip out’ anymore and a walk to the local park can take hours, but it does mean I’ve encountered Gruffalos, jumped in puddles, picked buttercups, knocked on fairy doors and spoke to a lot of dogs and their owners.

The world away from social media, the news and constant negativity is still a really magical place. Do your soul, mind and lungs a favour: get out and enjoy the outdoors. Even if you don’t find pirate treasure or chase a unicorn, it can still be pretty magical.