Whats with that pointy logo?

At the tail end of last year I just happened to be at a metal festival and I noticed a guy I knew to be called Christophe Szpajdel sitting on his own drawing. He was there exhibiting his work of band logos. It was in between bands so I thought this was chance to meet him and see what he thinks about my ideas for an outdoor company.

Now, not many people outside of the extreme metal scene will know who Christophe is, but let me assure you, within it, he is a BIG deal when it comes to logo design. He was the creator of the band Emperor’s famous logo which some people have called the perfect band logo. Emperor are still going and have used the same logo Christophe designed in 1991.

Emperor (Norway)

Christophe has done literally hundreds of bands since then and just in case you think this is underground niche shit is not for me, he has done work for Metallica, probably the biggest metal band on the planet, and even Rihanna. I wanted one too.

Explaining my thoughts and ideas to him and as I talked he drew and instantly gave me three sketches.

We talked a bit more about old Belgian death metal from the 90s, and the underappreciated UK thrash band Deathwish and he turned me on to a lot of bands I hadn’t heard before. A few months later, he’d nailed it and sent me the logo you see on the front of our website. I’m really stoked to have a Lord of the Logos design on one of the first Last Wolf pieces.

Check out Christophe’s website here: https://www.lordofthelogos.com/index.php

And if you still don’t think this is a big deal look at the price of his book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lord-Logos-Designing-Metal-Underground/dp/3899552822/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=lord+of+the+logos&qid=1590191657&sr=8-1

Live deliberatley


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